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This necklace has been beautifully hand-wrapped with copper wire around a hexagonal-shaped Black Turquoise pendant and it is one of a kind! Let this necklace help to bring you CREATIVITY in every situation!


Turquoise: Wear Turquoise to protect you while traveling and keep you safe from accidents. Place Turquoise in your home and car to keep them safe and secure. Hold it to enhance communication and creative expression. Meditate with Turquoise to help you bring your spiritual experiences back into the physical world. Carry it if you feel unwell, as it will ease most conditions. Give Turquoise to promote love and romance. Turquoise allows you to see the beauty in everything.



  • Grade A Quality;

  • Handmade to Order;

  • Hexagonal crystal stone pendant;

  • Copper wire-wrapped pendant;

  • Waxed cotton adjustable chain (lobster clasp - extra 1.97 in extension chain);

  • Strong & Sturdy;

  • Lightweight REAL stones and crystals.



1. When you are showering, going to the beach, to bed, spa or pool - remove it;

2. Do not let it come in contact with body oils, perfumes, household cleaners and other chemicals. Do not use chemical jewelry cleaners because they will damage the natural piece;

3. To avoid scratching, gently polish with lint-free cloth when doing light cleaning;

4. Speak your affirmations into your piece, breathe on it and make it yours;

5. Charge your crystals in the sun or moon;

6. Treat this like the precious item it is.


Note: The color of the crystal or stone will vary as they are all unique in the world. Expect variance in color from item to item.


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