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This beautifully handcrafted bracelet is composed of 8mm Dalmatian Jasper w/ Hematite inserts.

***Please choose your wrist size from the drop-down option (how to measure your wrist steps are below).


Jasper: Wear Jasper to balance your aura. Put Jasper next to your bed for comfort if you feel lonely. Hold Jasper to improve your accuracy when dowsing. Carry it to prevent illness. Place Jasper around your home to reduce arguments. Balancing Jasper helps you achieve your goals.


Hematite: Wear Hematite to enhance your personal magnetism. Give Hematite as a gift to those who need strength to cope with a situation. Place Hematite on your desk to stimulate your mathematical abilities if you work with numbers. Carry Hematite when flying to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag. Wear or carry it to enhance mental processes, including memory and clarity of thought. Hold Hematite to ground you when you feel spaced out. Hematite helps you keep your feet on the ground. 



  • Grade A Quality;

  • Handmade to Order;

  • Slip on stretch bracelet;

  • Clear Elastic Sturdy String;

  • REAL stones and crystals;

  • Beautifully Seclected Crystal Beads.



1. Using a measuring tape, measure your wrist at the location where you will most likely wear the bracelet;

2. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of thin paper strip. Simply wrap the paper strip around your wrist and mark with the pen where it starts to overlap. Lay the paper strip flat and measure its length up to the pen mark with a ruler.

*** EXAMPLE: If you measured 6.5” snug against the smallest part of your wrist, add half an inch and order a size 7” for a comfortable fit. For a snug fit, just order the size you measured.

*** NOTE: The average size bracelet for women is 7” and for men it’s 7 1/2”. We advise you to measure your wrist before placing your order.



1. When you are showering, going to the beach, to bed, spa or pool - remove it;

2. Do not let it come in contact with body oils, perfumes, household cleaners and other chemicals. Do not use chemical jewelry cleaners because they will damage the natural piece;

3. To avoid scratching, gently polish with lint-free cloth when doing light cleaning;

4. Speak your affirmations into your piece, breathe on it and make it yours;

5. Charge your crystals in the sun or moon;

6. Treat this like the precious item it is.


Note: The color of the crystal or stone will vary as they are all unique in the world. Expect variance in color from item to item.


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